Dementia, Do Your Worst

Hio Fae impressed us in “Dementia, Do your Worst” with her evocative language, masterful use of enjambment and a poignant finality that comes from a delicate attempt at a difficult subject matter. Look forward to new work and some of our favourite past poems from the AV Blog every Wednesday afternoon.

Stop thinking your wife is screwing the milkman.
There aren’t any more milkmen.
You don’t have a wife.
At least not anymore. You forgot her birthday.
And your anniversary for 20 years.
20 years, I say. That’s around the age you graduate with a BA
nowadays. Stop thinking. Stop thinking love is an idea
that was invented so you felt like you had a choice.
A choice of how you wanted to spend your days.
Spend your days by the water. Pretend a tsunami is coming.

You live in a blue house.
It’s not that hard to remember. Stop thinking.
Stop thinking you are who you are because of your memories.
Claim artificial intelligence. You are you because of suffering.
Suffering is easier to define. Memories change and you forget.
Remember your hand hurts. Remember that you must write.

Is it possible to forget skills?
I remember playing piano as a child. I can’t read music.
I think I remember a time where the lake was filled
with koi fish and I felt like I was swimming in a well.
I can’t see. Remember you need glasses. Remember you need
water to live. Visit your mother. Tell her you love her
for the first time at her grave. Speak your feelings out loud more often.
Remember to do the little things. Take a walk.



Visual by Hio Fae

Stop thinking your wife is screwing the milkman. / There aren’t any more milkmen

Hio Fae

is a photographer, model, translator, and writer from North America who is currently finishing a master’s degree in Iceland. And although Hio has many interests, surrealism, folklore, and perspectives drive the pieces Hio delicately ensembles to deliver an emotional message garnished with science and history. You can find Hio on her website and on instagram at @hiofae.

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