Honey Boy Is *Literal* Therapy.

The immersiveness of Honey Boy goes like this: You imagine playing your own father in an autobiopic. You imagine doing it so well that the audience believes you are not you, that you are your father, and a little boy with a different childhood is you. Maybe this pleases you in some way, because maybe you feel connected to your father only by exploring the pain he might have caused you.

Horror Movie List

Happy Halloween A.V. readers! And what better way is there to celebrate today, and the rest of Scorpio season, than with a good old-fashioned movie marathon, horror edition. Below are a few recent (and one or two older) films to put you into the spirit of the season.

Sennah Yee’s ‘How Do I Look’, and The Pleasure of Anecdotal Storytelling

I like stories where “nothing happens,” because it’s not true that nothing happens.

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