Marco Istasy, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Marco Istasy is a student of neuroscience, psychology & indolence at the University of Toronto & an off-time poet, writer & inchoate aesthete.

Katrina Agbayani, Associate Editor

Katrina Agbayani is an aspiring writer and poet currently studying English and Literature and Critical Theory at the University of Toronto.

Claire Ellis, Associate Editor

Claire Ellis is studying English and Biology at the University of Toronto, and as a result loves writing science fiction. She enjoys working on campus theatre productions and listens to music while writing, drawing, or tending greenhouse plants.

Lucy Faria, Associate Editor

Lucy Faria is a 3rd-year International Relations and Political Science student with a love for Spanish music, peach apricot tea, foxes, and other people’s pets. Her favorite area of study is Latin American politics, and she loves the word “bamboozled”. You can often find her drinking way too much coffee, including too many adverbs in her sentences, and frequently wishing she was Gabriel García Márquez’s friend.

Vivian Li, Associate Editor

Vivian Li is an aspiring writer, musician, and inventor. Her creative works have been published or are forthcoming in magazines such as The Window, Young Voices Magazine, The Spectatorial, and ellipsis… literature & art. Her first poetry chapbook will be out in late fall, and she has finished writing a speculative short story collection. She is also currently seriously editing (and rewriting) her novel. You can reach her @eliktherain.

Veronika Zabelle Nayir, Associate Editor

Veronika Zabelle Nayir is a student of the humanities. Her academic interests lie primarily within philosophy, and she cares deeply about the intersection of law and publishing. She is an aspiring journalist. Having worked at an art gallery for the past few years, she is concerned with the preservation of cultural centres such as museums and libraries. Her literary heroes include Joan Didion, Gore Vidal, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and Leonard Cohen. She is also a defender of independent film, and would probably sell her soul to John Cassavetes. In her spare time, she writes essays on the personal and political.

Marissa Lee, Associate Editor

Marissa is a writer and editor studying English, Book and Media Studies, and Literature and Critical Theory at the University of Toronto. She is an avid reader, tea drinker, and podcast enthusiast, and can usually be found hiding out at Caffiends.

Web Content

Thomas Sider, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Thomas Sider is and aspiring author and essayist studying English Literature at the University of Toronto. He started his career in student journalism as co-founder and copy-editor of Victoria University’s satirical newspaper, The Boundary, in 2018. He is currently writing his first piece of fiction, a play exploring postmodernism and new sincerity.

Louis Butt, Blog Correspondent

Louis Butt is a fourth-year History and Political Science student with a proclivity towards writing on global affairs. Louis aspires to be an international journalist and cultural commentator. His interests include foreign affairs, music, and fashion, which have led to experiences in France, Spain, and Japan. He is currently working on starting his own blog.

Angie Khayan, Blog Correspondent

Angie Khayan is completing her final year as a Political Science and Statistics student at the University of Toronto. Her studies concentrate on issues of international security and asymmetric warfare as well as quantitative methods of research and data analysis in the field of Global Affairs. Having lived in over nine countries across four continents, she was witness to a variety of struggles faced by different nations and regions from democratic decay to mass human rights violations. These experiences have shaped her determination to become part of the organizations which have the power to minimize human suffering in times of conflict.

Hadiyyah Sara, Blog Correspondent

Hadiyyah Sara is a third-year sociology major as well as a fiction writer, sometimes poet, and freelance writer. She’s curated a playlist of restaurant sounds because she is soothed by indiscernible chatter. Find her work here.

Allison Zhao, Blog Correspondent

Allison Zhao is an aspiring author currently studying at the University of Toronto. She haunts bookstores across the city and is forever on the lookout for beautiful moments.

Kaylee Hartigan-Go, Blog Editor

Kaylee Hartigan-Go is a first-year student pursuing the humanities and social sciences. She is interested in various forms of storytelling — particularly animated films, musicals, and free verse poetry. She can be found pacing around in bookstores trying to read every title on the shelves.

Marcus Medford, Blog Correspondent

Marcus Medford is a poet, freelance journalist, editor, and UTSC alumnus. His writing has appeared in New Canadian Media,, Grounders Magazine and three anthologies. Marcus is also the author of the collection of poems Book of Mars.


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