Marco Istasy, Editor in Chief

Marco Istasy is a student of neuroscience, psychology & indolence at the University of Toronto & an off-time poet, writer & inchoate aesthete.

Thomas Sider, Chief Blog Editor

Thomas Sider is and aspiring author and essayist studying English Literature at the University of Toronto. He started his career in student journalism as co-founder and copy-editor of Victoria University’s satirical newspaper, The Boundary, in 2018. He is currently writing his first piece of fiction, a play exploring postmodernism and new sincerity.

Vivian Li, Associate Editor

Vivian Li is an aspiring writer, musician, and inventor. Her creative works have been published or are forthcoming in magazines such as The Window, Young Voices Magazine, The Spectatorial, and ellipsis… literature & art. Her first poetry chapbook will be out in late fall, and she has finished writing a speculative short story collection. She is also currently seriously editing (and rewriting) her novel. You can reach her @eliktherain.


Web Content

Hadiyyah Sara, Blog Corespondent

Hadiyyah Sara is a third-year sociology major as well as a fiction writer, sometimes poet, and freelance writer. She’s curated a playlist of restaurant sounds because she is soothed by indiscernible chatter. Find her work here


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