Marco Istasy, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Marco Istasy is a student of neuroscience, psychology & indolence at the University of Toronto & an off-time poet, writer & inchoate aesthete.

Claire Ellis, Co-Editor-in-Chief

Claire Ellis is studying English and Biology at the University of Toronto, and as a result loves writing science fiction. She enjoys working on campus theatre productions and listens to music while writing, drawing, or tending greenhouse plants.

Katrina Agbayani, Associate Editor

Katrina Agbayani is an aspiring writer and poet currently studying English and Literature and Critical Theory at the University of Toronto.

Lucy Faria, Associate Editor

Lucy Faria is a 3rd-year International Relations and Political Science student with a love for Spanish music, peach apricot tea, foxes, and other people’s pets. Her favorite area of study is Latin American politics, and she loves the word “bamboozled”. You can often find her drinking way too much coffee, including too many adverbs in her sentences, and frequently wishing she was Gabriel García Márquez’s friend.

Janice Hu, Associate Editor

Janice Hu is a first-year Humanities student, planning to go into History. She enjoys crafts of every kind, occasionally baking, and writing when the mood permits – which is rarely, to be completely honest. Her favourite story trope is “narrative foils to lovers” and she finds nothing more satisfying than a good subversion of expectations.

Jeanne Polochansky, Associate Editor

Jeanne Polochansky is a fourteen-time published poet, three-time author, and a 1st-year Life Sciences student at the University of Toronto. Due to her strong concern around the accessibility of creative writing for youth, she opts to work behind-the-scenes of this fascinating world, such as formerly editing & designing her high school newsletter and currently acting as a youth editorial advisor at the Toronto Public Library. She balances the overwhelming domination of literature in her life by dancing, studying Nordic history, or engaging in conversation about the works of van Gogh (whom she would’ve loved to have the pleasure to meet), and is found most at peace with a book, a cup of hot cocoa, and a cat by her side.

Veronika Zabelle Nayir, Associate Editor

Veronika Zabelle Nayir is a writer and editor from Toronto. She studies philosophy and ethics, society, and law. Veronika is especially interested in hermeneutics, philosophy of history, and genocide studies.

In her spare time, she writes criticism and cultural commentary.

Web Content

Marissa Lee, Chief Blog Editor

Marissa Lee is an occasional writer and avid reader studying English, Book and Media Studies, and Writing and Rhetoric at the University of Toronto. She has particular affections for both gothic and 20th-century fiction, but she is also not above indulging in her favourite childhood novels.

Hayley Munro, Social Media Manager

Hayley Munro is a third-year English student at the University of Toronto who doesn’t do much besides watch Seinfeld and pet her cat. She likes to pretend she’s pursuing a career in academia when in reality she’s waiting to move to the forest, write trashy novels, and bake bread.

Louis Butt, Blog Correspondent

Louis Butt is a fourth-year History and Political Science student with a proclivity towards writing on global affairs. Louis aspires to be an international journalist and cultural commentator. His interests include foreign affairs, music, and fashion, which have led to experiences in France, Spain, and Japan. He is currently working on starting his own blog.

Madhav Mukundan, Blog Correspondent

Madhav Mukundan is studying Linguistics and Film at the University of Toronto. His interests include literature, indie film, film festivals, and nice whiskey.

Lilly Stewart, Blog Correspondent

Lilly Stewart is a 3rd year studying English and Anthropology at the University of Toronto. She is an aspiring novelist who is obsessed with coffee, Mary Shelley, and period piece films. When she’s not reading or writing, she is either listening to ABBA or buying yet another overpriced gel pen.

T Williams, Blog Correspondent

T Williams studies English, Philosophy, and Finnish Studies. They write short stories, essays, poetry, and tabletop role playing games. They’re always up to something.

Wenying Wu, Blog Correspondent

Wenying Wu is an aspiring playwright currently studying English, Literature and Critical Theory, and Computer Science at the University of Toronto. Her hobbies include committing grammatical infractions and abusing animal symbolism. She spends her free time theorizing how to romance monsters, ghosts, computers, and other inhuman entities.

Allison Zhao, Blog Correspondent

Allison Zhao is an aspiring author currently studying at the University of Toronto. She haunts bookstores across the city and is forever on the lookout for beautiful moments.

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