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Diana Vink (she/they) is a third-year student at Victoria College studying Literature & Critical Theory, Creative Expression & Society, and Women & Gender Studies. Di is an avid poet and occasional short story writer who has been on the Acta team for three years. In her free time, Di is a student government representative on VUSAC, an associate editor at UofT’s Woodsworth Review, and shops for fun earrings to keep her wardrobe exciting.

Blog Correspondents

Lucy Buchanan is a third year exchange student at the University of Toronto, studying English Literature. She loves to write about anything Arts and Culture and can often be witnessed slinking around book events and concerts, pad and pen in hand. Hailing from Edinburgh, Scotland, she also writes poetry to grapple with her relationship between national and self identity, often playing with Scots and aiming to reveal truths about herself and relationships through her language and storytelling.

Gene Case is a second year student at Trinity College, majoring in English and Literature & Critical Theory, with a minor in Linguistics. Their writing has appeared in The Trinity Review, Jelly Bucket Magazine, and Blank Spaces Magazine.

Asena Firouzi is in her final year of her degree in Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations. She works in translation and explores chronicles, maps, and more. Her research is specific to Ottoman History and with that, she hopes that her interest in this field can be shared through the literature, poetry, and history that hails from her regions and times of interest.

Mickey Lecompte (he/him) is a fourth year student studying English at the University of Toronto. When he’s not racing to finish his debut novel, he writes short stories, poems, and creative non-fiction. In his free time, you can find him consuming art (of any form) and standing up for queer rights.

Elisa Penha is a first-year humanities student with plans to double-major in Classics and Celtic Studies, and minor in Medieval Studies. She is a lover of early 2000s emo bands, the poems of Richard Siken, and over analyzing Percy Jackson novels. She will usually be found writing stories about elves, or a melodramatic personal essay.

Kiana Sarmadi is a writer based in Ontario, Canada.

Taylor Smith is a mature student studying English and Art History. Her favourite writers are Schiller, Auerbach, & Elena Ferrante. Also, her favourite artist is Duchamp, and her drink of choice is a raspberry daiquiri. 

Cleo Sood is a fourth-year undergraduate student studying philosophy and English literature at the University of Toronto. Sood is a writer with terrible writing habits. Sood’s preferred genre is creative non-fiction/autofiction; she also dabbles in screenplay writing. 

Follow Cleo Sood on Instagram! (No, seriously, please follow her on Instagram.) @cyborgcleo

W. Song is a student of literature with a passion for many topics in the arts and society, from 19th century English novels and classical Chinese poetry to Greek philosophy and Marxist theory. She enjoys writing from a comparative perspective—investigating topics from different cultural contexts—in an effort to promote cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.

Una V. is a proud Vic student who thinks that both Taylor Swift and Anton Chekhov are the best things to have happened to society. Ever. In between her lectures you’ll find her speed-walking across Queen’s Park, retreating to the (relative) safety of Graham Library, where she pretends to do readings while blasting UK rap.

Allison Zhao lives and studies in Toronto. She loves reviewing books, always appreciates cafe recommendations, and probably has a pen you can borrow.


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