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Janus Kwong is a fourth-year student at the University of Toronto, pursuing an English Specialist and Economics Major degree. She has a deep fascination with bookstores, sunsets, and coffee shops and will likely be found lost in her own thoughts at any time of the day. 


Chief Blog Editor

Elaine Lee is a student of English literature at the University of Toronto. She is the winner of the 2022 Hart House Literary Contest in the poetry category and serves as Deputy Editor-in-Chief for the English undergraduate academic journal IDIOM.

Blog Correspondents

Manuela Mora Castillo is a second-year political science and history major that wrote as a blog correspondent at Acta Victoriana last year. She has participated in multiple essay-based competitions, written in her school’s magazine, and done several personal short stories (which remain unpublished and well-hidden). Recently, she’s just content with enjoying any Latin American novel, and her current read is Apocalípsis by Colombian Mario Mendoza–a book that, so far, she heavily recommends.

Jevan Konyar is a second-year student in the NMC and Linguistics departments. He’s previously worked with publications throughout Vic.

Jaxzen Sandell is a fourth-year philosophy student pursuing a career in the arts. He enjoys writing poetry, watching movies and spending time with his cat, Chidi.

Kiana Sarmadi is a writer based in Ontario, Canada.

Cleo Sood is a fourth-year undergraduate student studying philosophy and English literature at the University of Toronto. Sood is a writer with terrible writing habits. Sood’s preferred genre is creative non-fiction/autofiction; she also dabbles in screenplay writing. 

Follow Cleo Sood on Instagram! (No, seriously, please follow her on Instagram.) @cyborgcleo

W. Song is a student of literature with a love for both 19th century English novels and classical Chinese poetry. In writing about Chinese ideas from the Western perspective and vice versa, she wishes to be a voice for the East in today’s predominantly Eurocentric literary and social discussions and promote cross-cultural understanding and appreciation.

Una V. is a proud Vic student who thinks that both Taylor Swift and Anton Chekhov are the best things to have happened to society. Ever. If she’s not stuck in lectures, you’ll find her hanging around Emmanel College, raiding the professors’ kitchen and reading to her heart’s content. 

Allison Zhao is in her fourth year writing for Acta Victoriana, which she has been doing since the beginning of her undergrad at U of T. She loves reviewing books, always appreciates cafe recommendations, and probably has a pen you can borrow.


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