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Acta Victoriana is excited to announce the call for our 2019-2020 Editorial Board. Please note that due to the nature of the journal, only current University of Toronto students are eligible to apply for the position of Associate Editor.


Acta Victoriana Volume 144 Associate Editor

Responsibilities of an associate editor involve sifting through submission to the journal and attending one or two board meetings wherein decisions are made regarding final publication. The work-load to be expected is a total of 12 hours per published supplement: four to read the submission packets and eight for the board meeting(s). Acta Victoriana intends on publishing one supplement for volume 144; however, potential applicants must be amenable to the requisite work-load of up to two publications. Apply here

Blog Correspondent

Responsibilities of a blog correspondent involve the creation of high-quality literature, journalism, cultural commentary, artistic criticism, and/or miscellaneous work to be published on our blog. Writers are expected to contribute one piece per week. Apply here.


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