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Review: All This and More

The grim implications of All This and More have a lot of room to build on, and Shepherd committing to the sinister endings makes for very entertaining reading regardless of which one a reader lands on.

Would You Help Drape Your Son’s Saree?

Yes, this generation is of ‘today’ but if the adults don’t rectify their speech, their children will learn about love more slowly.

Review: Sarah Bernstein’s Study for Obedience

When you pick up this book, keep your wits about you, you will need them.

Lessons Learned From Life Lived

The plan was to deliver a standard Q&A advice column containing the rest of your Qs. But then my NGL data disappeared along with my access to your dilemmas and those plans to share my As, which wouldn’t have happened if I had someone to warn me.

Review: Momento: On Standing in Front of Art by Jeffery Donaldson

Like with a trip to a museum, it is unlikely that a reader can digest all of Momento’s content in one go, nor is it necessarily ideal to try. However, Donaldson’s work does inspire return visits; on my read-through, my copy ended up full of bookmarks as I moved through the various sections and marked off passages to come back to again.


It is only as an aesthetic phenomenon that existence and the world are eternally justified

– Friedrich Nietzsche,

Die Geburt der Tragödie aus dem Geiste der Musik

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Time needs a watcher, and when you close your eyes / the voices sound the same.





returns to the cave / rolls back the stone / remembers again / what it is to die

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