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Self-mortification: Why I just can’t stop embarrassing myself

Mortification is the defining emotion of my childhood. I don’t mean to say I was unhappy, but I think it’s true that the psychological impact of mortification (by which I mean a kind of lingering, self-inflicted embarrassment) is uniquely acute.

Review: Dinner on Monster Island by Tania De Rozario

Sitting between 150 and 200 pages (depending on the edition) with fourteen essays, Dinner on Monster Island does not overstay its welcome.

Let’s please keep romanticizing fall, forever.

There’s something delightful about stereotypically poor weather in the fall. We love that which we spend the rest of the year complaining about: gloomy skies, rainy mornings, brisk nights…

Autumn’s Languish, Languid

I greeted autumn with bitterness this year. Toronto deprived me of it for longer and only provided a mediocre season. The trees were barely colourful, and they struggled to rescue me from all my burdens. In envying my welcoming reception of autumn last year, I’ve begun seeing today’s autumn as a foe.

Lingua Anglica: An English Empire at the End of History

To reiterate my thesis in the plain English of the internet: the advent of the web coincided with what could have been a brief global hegemony of the English language, but its ravenous thirst for content perpetuated the conditions of its spawn.


It is only as an aesthetic phenomenon that existence and the world are eternally justified

– Friedrich Nietzsche,

Die Geburt der Tragödie aus dem Geiste der Musik

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I carry the morning on my back / like a mother carries three children at once


If I saw Jesus on the street I’d probably cross at the lights / Just to be sure


there is only a difference in sequence / between sacred and scared

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