Let’s please keep romanticizing fall, forever.

December, 2023
Una V., Blog Correspondent
Una V. (she/her) is a proud Vic student who thinks that both Taylor Swift and Anton Chekhov are the best things to have happened to society. Ever. In between her lectures you'll find her speed-walking across Queen's Park, retreating to the (relative) safety of Graham Library, where she pretends to do readings while blasting UK rap.

I feel like we can all agree that this past October was especially beautiful in Toronto. One morning, it was so dark that the lamps were lit in Queen’s Park as I walked to my morning lecture at St. Mike’s, and I wasn’t even mad about it. There’s something delightful about stereotypically poor weather in the fall. We love that which we spend the rest of the year complaining about: gloomy skies, rainy mornings, brisk nights… Personally, I find that amid the stress of midterms, there’s nothing more pleasing to me than inhaling the scent of wet leaves (sounds gross but is actually so scrumptious) and romanticizing my little daily treks around downtown. Here are some ways I like to do that.

1. Sad music.
I don’t know at what point as a society we replaced “Christian Girl Autumn” and its “LIVE LAUGH LOVE” energy with the tragicomedy of “Sad Girl Autumn,” but I am so here for it. Lately, I’ve been listening exclusively to Phoebe Bridgers and Taylor Swift (but only the sad songs) and it’s truly elevated my fall experience to previously unknown heights. Your homework is to start your next walk with “Nothing New.” Trust me on this.

2. Cafes, duh!
An avid library-hater, I do all my studying in cafes. For peak cozy Gilmore Girls vibes, I recommend Riverdale Perk. It also happens to be in walking distance of my favorite vintage bookstore, The Scribe, and in the same neighbourhood as the famous Rooster Coffee House. There is not much seating inside Rooster, however, so be sure to pick a sunny day and enjoy the view of Riverdale Hill. Most St. George students will be familiar with the infamous Future Bistro, but have you checked out their fall menu?! There’s also always cake there. Eat more cake.

3. Books, books, books.
There is nothing like some Gothic fiction to spice up your spooky season! Just today I finished Elspeth Barker’s O Caledonia, which opens with the death of sixteen-year-old Janet, who spent her brief life in the Scottish Highlands. It’s more of a vibe-based book than a plot-based one, but perfect if you’re looking for some escapism. Next, my favorite book of all time is probably Charlotte Brontë’s Villette. It’s got a ghost, an enemies-to-lovers plotline, a moody Belgian town… it’s the perfect read for those who want to keep the spooky vibes going post-Halloween.

4. Baking.
Anything with pumpkin, please. Also, those Pillsbury cookies. You know what I’m talking about.
Alas, my dears, I am running out of metaphorical ink and will leave you all with my well wishes for the second half of the fall semester. Enjoy, and stay cozy!!!

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