a study in beauty and happiness, or maybe they are the same thing

4 pm sunlight carves golden frames on cream walls

a city, blue glass and white birds,

dances beyond

hundreds of thousands of small,

round, green leaves

each wrinkled like a thumbprint,

or a grandmothers smiling face

float in turquoise air, misted by mountain rain

streets stretch like rubber bands

dark grey asphalt

striped like bees with yellow

how sturdily they bind this place

together beneath pacing feet

so many strangers

I have seen and dreamt and loved

just for having been there

gratitude for humanity, 

and the endless delicious mysteries

throbbing in a story not yet begun

a curl of steam gracefully uncoiling

from a mug of jasmine tea

a fragrant ballerina rising en pointe

pliés and pirouettes into invisibility

leaving a calming weight in the air

the gravity of the laugh

of someone you love

that centering of the universe

nothing found wanting because

all that’s needed is in you, now, 

and I am just happy

because we are together, and I’ve made you laugh

a warm bed

and simple thoughts

and soft, familiar sensations

a faith that everything is ok

a night when your heart spills and splashes

and instead of fretting about the overflow

you are free to feel joy at the abundance

falling asleep peacefully

slipping like silk from dream to dream

Yi Nuo Cheng

Yi Nou Chen is a writer and artist from Calgary, doing her undergrad in Marketing, with minors in English and Economics. She has written a blog since 2016: philosophyinuo.wordpress.com. Her debut poetry book, this peculiar trait of being human (and other euphemisms for love), was published in 2017.

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