Campfire Pop

colours last up to 30 minutes

               —Funky Coloured Flames Packaging

The hot medium of flames smacks

upward, whacks sheer eyes

with a stencil of blue and green.

As plodding, tinny wrappers ooze

and melt under charring log,

ghostly pigment trills

on repeat, bursts

while the ants and worms of earth

munch a pine’s plastic shade—

blue and green diddle

the soup-can mind into dribbling

at the ding of a car bell.

Antonia Facciponte

Antonia Facciponte is a poet based in Toronto. She is a SSHRC-funded graduate student in the English Department at the University of Toronto. Her first poetry book, To Make a Bridge, is forthcoming in Spring 2021 with Black Moss Press.

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