Pompeii Again

Emmy’s work surges forward but leaves space: her voice is humble, quiet, but also: hungry, shattering and risen. We cannot express how excited we are to publish “Pompeii again” by Emmy and Untitled, a painting by Alessia Dismino from issue 142.1. Emmy’s poem “She Mosquito” was published in AV 142.2.

left are

many cities        must be

years more


unattainable the head but

how important a high

hungry sleep


alone the

dream summer and

myself meant

of whose approval

Salamun a sizzling

father holds my roof

to great rain      listen listen

great fun it is

caterwauling we find

we are eating      all fruits and

Pompeii again



Visual by Alessia Disimino

unattainable the head but / how important a high / hungry sleep

Emmy Fu

is a writer living in Toronto and a former editor of the Trinity Review.

Alessia Disimino

is a professional violinist based in Toronto. She is the co-founder of the Bedford Trio, concertmaster of the North York Concert Orchestra, and founder of the North York String Academy. She is a graduate of the Master of Music in Violin Performance program at the University of Toronto, where she also obtained her Bachelor of Music in Performance with a Minor in English. Alessia’s passion lies in the arts and in community engagement, and she is also active as a poet and painter.

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