This week we have stunning visual art and poetry by Haley Currie and Harrison Wade, respectively. Haley’s art, originally featured in AV 139.1, brings us to feelings of almost knowing what we see, but finding uncertainty sweeter. Harrison’s visual poetry, wane, is a dual: two poems, side-by-side, emerging out of common sights and distant lights

Uncertainty #2

Visual by Haley Currie

you found a new quiet

Harrison Wade

is a fourth year student at the University of Toronto. His work has appeared in The Trinity Review, Goose, and Half a Grapefruit Magazine. He is also the Arts & Culture editor at The Strand Newspaper.

Haley Currie

is a Victoria College alumni, graduating with honours in visual arts and English literature. She has worked with nonprofit organizations around the greater Toronto area and in northern Indigenous communities to support arts education for youth. She currently is pursuing her degree in elementary education.

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