this is yellow

Soft and splendid, this poem reads like a bit like a stray thought. A simple request, the meeting of fruit, and: what is yellow, what is blue? These are all things stirred in us through Malcolm Sanger’s beautiful poem, originally featured in AV 140. We find it pairs so well with Nikki Watson’s art (originally featured in AV 142.2), with Nikki’s stunning choices of colour and texture.

this is yellow

don’t talk to
me about

the grape vine
has climbed into the
apple tree, its
yellow leaves
give it

I said
don’t talk to
me about

like before this one

Visual by Nikki Watson

this is yellow / don’t talk to /
me about / blue

Malcolm Sanger

is studying anthropology and film at McGill University. Here is his website.

Nikki Watson

is interested in pulling from late 19th and early 20th-century style illustration and reworking these techniques with a focus on organic imagery and inspiration from the current artist she admires. She hopes to centralize the process of making work as a feature just as important as the product. 

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