In Solidarity with Palestine

June, 2021

Acta Victoriana stands in solidarity with Palestine.

Acta Victoriana stands in solidarity with Palestine. We echo the statements of mourning for the many Palestinian lives lost, and for others who have been impacted by violence on the part of the Israeli government. Acta Victoriana condemns the illegal occupation and ethnic cleansing enacted by the Israeli government. We condemn the decades of military violence, forced evictions, and other human rights violations that the Israeli government continues to perpetuate against Palestinians, and we similarly condemn all forms of antisemitism, including any and all rhetoric that falsely conflates the actions of the Israeli government with the global Jewish community. 

As a literary journal, Acta Victoriana is dedicated to amplifying diverse and inclusive voices. We value the voices and advocacy of Palestinian students, faculty, and community members at U of T, and we believe in the right to advocate for marginalized and oppressed groups everywhere. As such, we are disappointed in the decision by the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law to rescind the offer made to Dr. Azarova for the Directorship for the International Human Rights Program (IHRP) position on the basis of Dr. Azarova’s academic work criticizing Israeli occupation in Palestine, and the influence of U of T alum and donor, David Spiro. This decision, and the faculty’s response, poses a significant threat to the U of T community’s right to free speech and academic freedom. To quote Vincent Wong, speaking to The Varsity*, “It is very reminiscent of a lot of human rights cases in which, for instance, sexism or racism cannot be pointed to as the primary factor motivating a decision… but all the contextual factors point to discriminatory treatment.” We call on the University to rectify this unjust decision, and to ensure that students, faculty, and other U of T community members do not face retaliation for their support of Palestine.

* “IHRP controversy report concludes external pressure did not influence hiring decision” by Marta Anielska

Further links and Resources:, which has a  list of articles detailing the recent events in Palestine

Canadians for Justice and Peace in the Middle East, a Canadian website with resources and information on taking action in support of Palestine: 

Decolonize Palestine, for background information on Palestinian history: 




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